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bigpoppapumpg 02-07-04 11:27 AM

Suse ftp setup asks for network module?
nforce2 mobo, it doesnt detect my network device and i'm not sure which of the options i should choose.

I read it's usually either NE2000 or 3c59x compatible, or a realtek 8129/8139 which is what the mobo uses.

after I select the module, it asks me for parameters. I have no idea what to put for parameters. any ideas?

leibold 02-14-04 09:37 PM

Unfortunately you have just as much luck winning the lottery as getting the right answer if you don't say what motherboard you have :(

The parameters entry field is important for old isa based nics that cannot be autodetected. It allows for specifying the ioport and interrupt settings. It is still useful sometimes with pci based network cards for example to specify network speed and duplex mode when autoconfiguration fails. However except for those situations you can leave the parameters field empty.

bigpoppapumpg 02-18-04 10:20 PM

abit nforce2 ultra based board, rather recent. i dont enter anything for the parameters, it beeps and says it failed. since im running this in a virtual environment, i dont think it actually sees the real hardware im using.

for instance when i configured freebsd, i need to tell xfree86 i was using an s3 generic video chipset instead of the geforce4 i actually have installed. probably something like this is what is the problem.

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