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msch 02-08-04 03:56 PM

X performance really choppy
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okay, i'm running debian testing, kernel 2.6.0 and have recently installed a new xfx 5600. the newest drivers install just fine and X starts up (a little slow). however once x starts, it runs smoothly for about 6 seconds and then the cpu spikes up to 100%. this also happens whenever a window is dragged or even when the mouse is moved quickly. it makes it almost completely unusable. the cpu goes to 100% for about 5-10 seconds and them back to normal before spiking up again. i never had any problems like this with my old ati pci card.
right now i'm experiencing the problem while trying to run twin view though it exists in a single monitor setup as well.
please advise, i have no idea where to go from here
i've tried changing the NvAGP settings, set "IgnoreDisplayDevices" and other suggestions but to no avail.

athlon 1700+
xfx geforcefx 5600
512 mb ram
epox 8rda+ nforce2 mobo
debian testing, kernel 2.6.0
xfree86 version 4.3.0
my config file is attached

msch 02-08-04 03:58 PM

here's config file
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config file

Corona688 02-08-04 04:54 PM

Your problem seems eerily similar to a problem several of us are having.

See here, here, and here.

msch 02-09-04 09:31 PM

okay, for those of you with similar problems, i've managed to minimize my delays by running blackbox and killing Xprt. this makes the system fairly usable. not nearly what i was looking for out of my 5600 but i suppose this will have to do until we get a fix. or even any response at all...

let me know if anyone has any luck with this.

msch 02-09-04 09:34 PM

and another one
btw, i also went up to kernel 2.6.2

it also seems that we're all running dell crts, perhaps some connection?

Corona688 02-10-04 09:02 PM

Re: and another one

Originally posted by msch
it also seems that we're all running dell crts, perhaps some connection?
Whoa. I hadn't noticed that. Technically a Panasonic, I think, but still. There aren't many things that would differentiate one CRT from another from a video cards POV, but I do believe my monitor supports EDID, and there are definitely X options relating to that. Unfortunately I can't investigate this at the moment, and if you do, be careful, it could feed your monitor some seriously wrong refresh rates!

whig 02-10-04 09:13 PM

While computing, run top in an xterm. It will tell you what processes are eating cpu cycles.

msch 02-10-04 10:44 PM

definitely tried that. the only way i've been able to kill x a couple times was to term in from my laptop. top shows that xfree86 is the program using up 99.9% of the cpu during these spikes.

whig 02-11-04 01:54 AM

In your log:

(EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to load GLX

and the XFree loading of glx is nowhere to be seen in the log. But your config specifies glx so I dunno.

msch 02-12-04 12:18 AM

i've mananged to have the same problem even when the log doesn't report the glx problem...(i must have posted a log from one of the many configurations i tried without double checking this, apologies). in any case, i installed fedora with the standard 2.4.22 kernel and it seemed to perform slightly better but in no way correctly. runs fine under xp, i'm off to try freebsd just to see if i can narrow down the problem. please post if you find any working combination.

msch 02-13-04 03:44 AM

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okay, so no luck with the freebsd but...
i've gotten it working! i did a fresh install of debian unstable last night, built kernel 2.6.2 fresh today, installed the drivers, changed the config and it worked! i've even got it working in twin view now. my setup has changed so much with the clean installs that i'm not sure exactly what caused the fix. i will post all my relevent config files for those of you still having this trouble. please let me know if you have any more questions.

msch 02-13-04 03:48 AM

kernel config
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her is my kernel .config for 2.6.2
let me know if any other files would be helpful.

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