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dalton65 02-08-04 05:39 PM

Nvidia drivers wont work
I have installed the nvidia drivers on mandrake 9.1 twice and edited my xf86config-4 file and both times it crashed X and I had to reinstall mandrake because i am a newbie. I have a gforce4 440 . It keeps telling me that the " module is tainted" and please go to http://www.tux.org/lkml/# export -tainted . my kernal is an updated mandrake kernel with the source kernel as installed kernel 2.4.

whig 02-08-04 05:57 PM

Don't worry about the tainted bit; it's only a license thing. Try getting things going with the vesa or nv driver, and then moving on to the nvidia ones. An X setup program like sax or xf86config will do this for you.

dalton65 02-08-04 09:38 PM

:dance: Hey I installed the nvidia driver by using sh nvidia (name of drive).run --extract-only then I change to the directory of the driver "cd nvidia (name of driver) and then typed " make install" . and I just change "nv" to "nvidia" on my xf86config-4 file and then I typed " modprobe nvidia" in failsafe mode after I reboot. then i reboot and then can the huge NVIDIA sign and I almost knocked over my coffee jumping up and down in joy.
I tested it out on bzflag. it was a little choppy but I'll take..haha. well thanks and for those using mandrake 9.1 or just mandrake the kernel is little funky so you may hav e to use the last resort method like I did but it works. Time to do some gaming...peace

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