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4.6POWER 02-09-04 03:05 AM

Linux noob, please help with driver install
Hi Guys,

I just downloaded and installed redhat 9, and the 2 nvidia linux driver rpm packs that go with it. I am running 2.4.20-8 and the files are 2.4.20-6 and 2.4.20-9 so does this mean neither are correct??

I have tried installing both of them... all I want is for my ethernet to work!! I have absolutely no connectivity from linux. It says the device can't be found when I try to activate it. Thanks for any help... again I am a total noob, please give as much detail as possible!! thanks!

mlmitton 02-09-04 05:50 PM

Nvidia drivers won't help your ethernet connection work, so if that's your problem, this is the wrong forum.

rainman 02-09-04 06:53 PM

You might post the issue on the mb forum, if there is one. I gather you have an nforce chip and need to drive the MAC layer? Probably, since you have mismatched kernel versionss between your system and precompiled package, you will need to get a source rpm for the unified driver and build it from scratch.

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