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musalmik 02-09-04 06:03 AM

5336: Still having screen flashes and blue mplayer-xv output
With 5336 driver, I still have an occasional screen flashing (internal LCD 1680x1050, Dell Inspiron 8600 with PM-1700, 2GB RAM, GeForce FX5650Go with 128MB, Kernel 2.4.21-144, SuSE 9.0). When such a flash occurs during watching mplayer with xv or sdl output, the mplayer content gets blue and stays blue until I restart the X xserver. GL2 and X11 output continue to work normally.

I found these two topics in several discussions here, but never together. I just found out that there is this connection.

Before 5336, I already had 5328 and 4496 running, all the same in this respect.

Any hints are greatly appreciated as it's very annoying having to restart X several times during watching a movie, despite of that this flashing doesn't look very healthy anyway.

XF86Config is available at http://www.musall.de/techdocs/linux/...linux.html#X11

nvnothing 02-09-04 03:53 PM

Blue screen
I get the same blue screen problem with my Ti4200 and 4496 drivers. Something is wrong with Xv. I have been less than impressed with Nvidia drivers for a while; it would help if there was an actual ChangeLog or buglist.

Sometimes with video playback and hardware acceleration, my desktop will lock up. It seems with every release, new stuff is added but old stuff is broken, and the speed drops. 5336 runs one of my benchmark apps at 23 M tris/sec; 4496 runs it at 29 mil tps; with a driver in the 3xxx series, it was 40 mil.

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