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zak29577 02-09-04 12:57 PM

Has anyone using Fedora downloaded and installed nVidia upgrades, specifically for an MX 420 card?

Would downloads for RH9.0 work, or would it be best to wait until the Fedora folks at RH put an upgrade in their 'up2date'?



mlmitton 02-09-04 05:42 PM

Yes, the drivers work with Fedora. But no, I don't think you can install them with an RPM designed for RH 9. Also, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you'll ever get the nvidia drivers from 'up2date'. The nvidia drivers are closed source, and so I don't think they'll be automatically included in any fedora release.

But, why don't you try installing them yourself. The latest versions of the drivers should work well with Fedora. Read the installation instructions in the "readme" file from the download page. There's also a number of installation threads on these forums specific to Fedora, so take a look at those. Then post back any question you still have.

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