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tammson 02-09-04 02:55 PM

GeforceFX 5600 XT problem... please help!
Hi there!

I've bought a Xelo GeforceFX 5600XT a month ago... and, until this day, i haven't got any problems with it. But then... i've done a simple Windows XP (Professional) update, nothing else as been changed im my pc! but the thing is... i can't run any games! i've always been able to run my games, using the latest nvidia drivers. Now...it gives me a "fatal error" ("or fatal mistake", i don't exactly know how to translate from portuguese) with the file "nv4_disp". Always the "nv4_disp" file... And sometimes, the pc crashes, simply, only working when i manually restart it. And this happens with ALL the games i have! (well, except CM4, that one still runs fine). So, i've deleted the drivers and installed then again (with the anti-virus turned off and all, all procedures correct). And the problem remained... i've done this 2 or 3 times. Then, i've gone to nvidia.com and downloaded older drivers, just hoping... but the problem remains!
Please... can someone help me??

Thank's in advance!

Gator 02-11-04 01:37 PM

back up your data, format and reinstall Windows fresh. If you did everything else you mentioned already, I'm not sure what other choice remains :(

Zuljin 03-12-04 02:12 PM

Same Problem as tammson...

Can annybody help...?

ragejg 03-12-04 04:56 PM

re-install directX 9.

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