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sjg 10-02-02 03:53 PM

GeForce2 on Inspiron 4100
Hi All,
I am struggling to get the Nvidia
drivers running on a Dell laptop with a GeForce2
Go chip. I've got slackware 7.1 running kernel
2.4.5 with XFree 4.0.1. I downloaded and built
the source distribution without trouble, and
lsmod reports NVDriver loaded, but X crashes.
I have a maximally verbose log file, but I
thought I would first see if there was any
interest in it, and post it only on request.
The chip is detected, and there are few errors,
but the log ends with:

(--) Chipset GeForce2 Go found
(II) Found 1 PCI NVIDIA devices

Fatal server error:
Caught signal 4. Server aborting

Any suggestions? One problem I have noted
is the lack of the special device files. I
have found no documentation on their creation.
Does anyone know what signal 4 is?


sjg 10-02-02 04:40 PM

got devices, but still broken
Hi again,
I downloaded the check installation
script and ran it. It gave me some hints about
which devices were missing. Then I discovered
the script that should have created these in the
kernel module build directory. It depends on
the mktemp utility, which I do not have. So
I revised the script to quit using that, and it
ran far enough to create the devices. Then the
nv_check.sh script gives me a clean bill of
health. But X fails with exactly the same
error as before.

mtrr 10-02-02 05:32 PM

post the complete log please, maybe there is something "interesting" inside.


sjg 10-02-02 05:49 PM

X log
1 Attachment(s)
Here is the log:

mtrr 10-02-02 05:53 PM

that's an easy one, upgrade your Xfree :) you need a newer version.

look in the nvidia readme for exact infos about which version needed,
but I think at least 4.0.1/2, dunno


sjg 10-02-02 06:04 PM

Thanks very much mtrr, I'll do that. I
thought I had done so already, but I see
that I am one minor version off. Just the
sort of thing I tend to overlook when
tired and frustrated.

mtrr 10-02-02 06:07 PM

no problem, if you're on your way update to 4.2.1, did that on
my notebook and had never any problems with it.


sjg 10-07-02 12:52 PM

All good now
Hi mtrr, and others,
I have the NVidia drivers working well
now. The key was to upgrade to Slackware
8, and go for the latest X, as mtrr suggested.
I suspect the minimum software list is not
quite right. I was even able to get NVdriver
suspending, by hacking the kernel driver as
suggested by http://www.hitnet.rwth-aachen.de/~thomasd/DellInst/
It disables the AGP interface, but it still seems
fast enough to me.

mtrr 10-07-02 02:06 PM

good to read that!



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