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JJacobsson 02-11-04 01:28 PM

Trouble with 2 vt's and tv-out
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Hi all.

Okey, I got a bit tired of having to shutdown x to switch layout's between twinview with 2 monitors and tvinview with tv out. And, my gf was having serious problems with loging in and starting X on the command line.

So, looking for a solution, I found that it was possible to have several x servers running at the same time on diffrent vt's (yes, I am a linux noob). So, I got gdm setup (wich also solved the gf problem), running one "normal" twinview layout on vt7, and the tv-out one on vt8. Great.

Except, the tv-out one does not work. Instead of getting the image on the tv, I get it on the dfp.

Here comes the twist. Using the exact same XF86Config, with the exact same layouts on the command line, and they work beutifully. Have always worked.

I just realised that there is one thing I havent tried. Will try it when I am done with this post.

In the mean time, here are the logs, and config's and everything. I put them in a zip, I dont want to have to make 4 posts for attachments.

JJacobsson 02-11-04 01:41 PM

No, dident work. Tried to have just the TV-out server runnig trough gdm... then I only got the image on the tv, not on the monitor... wich is strange since I am using "clone"

Anyway, my setup:

Card: GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X
Video BIOS:
Driver Version: 1.0-5336
Distro: Gentoo 1.4, 2.4.22_r2 kernel
CPU: Intel P4 2.8ghz
Motherboard: I have no clue.. I can figure it out if it's realy realy important, but since it's not a lockup I figured it wasent...

Of course, I am open to the possibility that this is the expected behaviour...

JJacobsson 02-13-04 12:15 PM

Man there is a lot of traffic on this board...

So, nobody with any toughts on this? Maybe I should go bother the gdm crowd instead?

*shameless bump* :)

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