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cdrobsonjr 02-11-04 03:57 PM

nVidia driver working across multiple kernels?
Has anybody worked out a solution for having nVidia's graphic
driver to work across multiple kernel rev's?

I keep several older kernels around after upgrades and I don't
want to have to re-run the installer script every time I boot into
a different kernel. What a colossal pain.

Others must have experienced the same scenario, and maybe it's
addressed somewhere, but I've not uncovered it yet. Looking for
some help.


LordMorgul 02-12-04 12:05 AM

Install the driver on one kernel, doesn't matter which.

./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-5328-pkg0.run --help

Run the installer using the tarball extract option -x. This creates the tarball directory that contains the source for the kernel interface. You can then compile the source individually for each kernel and copy it into the modules hierarchy manually, either while running the kernel in runlevel 3 or beforehand using target kernel options.

There are excellent instructions available on Zander's site, www.minion.de. They pertain to the patched installers he has made available, but the process is identical (see his readme on installing the driver into 2.6 with it already working on 2.4).

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