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SurfMonkey 10-02-02 06:49 PM

NV30 to be 256bit mem???
From the horses mouth, but which end of the horse?


Kev1 10-02-02 07:24 PM

Guess will have to wait for all the details, but still interesting.

What does kindof suck is:

1) These cards will be released when we are in the middle of a big war

2) They will sit on the docks in LA for months before anyone can get to them

3) The stock market will be down another 1000 points by then, lots more people will be unemployed, and other than Enron execs, few will be able to afford the $400 dollar price tag

Still, I'm hoping to upgrade to the NV30 or maybe the R300 after all this other stuff hopefully blows over

However, if things keep getting worse, I guess I'll see you all in hell, which I'm pretty sure looks like either Ohio or New Jersey :rolleyes:

Kev1 10-02-02 07:25 PM


PreservedSwine 10-02-02 08:03 PM


Originally NVIDIA wanted to adopt DDR-II look-alike memory for their NV30 based graphics cards, however, since JEDEC still has not approved the appropriate standard, the company has to go with the DDR-I memory
:eek: :eek:

I assumed they would use DDRII. I wonder if that will put potential buyers off, knowing a new improved DDRII NV30 is just around the corner:confused:

Megatron 10-02-02 08:53 PM

oooof..so 256 Bit mem, DDR-1...looks like R300 may not have too much to fear performancewise. (other than Nv30s .13 allowing it to clock higher with less heat)

thcdru2k 10-02-02 08:56 PM

that isn't sure yet...jedec approval on a standard doesn't mean nvidia can't just go right ahead and release the card with ddr-ii

SurfMonkey 10-02-02 09:21 PM

It's very true that nVidia can adopt whatever memory standard they like. It just means that if they back a losing horse they will have to re-design their memory interface to back the jedec standard, otherwise prices will be inflated.

It's still very interesting that the 256bit mem interface idea should crop up, if it is then the R300 has an equal partner in the war (not counting other features), but if nVidia decide to go with some form of DDRII and 256bit mem, then it's going to be a hard fight for ATi.

Lezmaka 10-02-02 11:10 PM

This is the part I liked best

The yield of the NV30 is not going to be very high due to a very complex design and new manufacturing technology, thus, the company may launch a lower-clocked version of their most powerful and feature-rich graphics processor.
If this actually happens, and the high end version (at $400) runs at, say, 400MHz, and they run the lower end version (at $300 maybe?) at 325MHz or even 300MHz to help keep yields somewhat high, to me, that would be awesome. So maybe 75% performance for 75% of the price?

Ah, probably end up as nothing but wishful thinking though

StealthHawk 10-03-02 02:45 AM

or perhaps even choice c, 75% of the intended performance at 100% of the price :eek:

borntosoul 10-03-02 03:35 AM

well maybe it was this memory thing that was holding nvidia back ,having the chip designed for ddr11 and then having to settle for dr1 ,and bring out the ddr11 version next year ,just of the many things that couldve held them back

jbirney 10-03-02 07:48 AM


It's very true that nVidia can adopt whatever memory standard they like.
See the problem here is that they dont make memory. so they have to find another partner that makes memory. This partner will also want to sell DD2 to use in mombos as that has a higher rate of volume (ie makes them more money) then showing up in one high end video card. I find it very hard to believe that the mem compaines would even consider a non-standard mem support. Too costly to have 2 types of memory parts (one to fit nV standards, one to fit Jedec). However if nV is close enough to jedec standars then its more likely to happen.....

SurfMonkey 10-03-02 08:27 AM

But they do have very healthy links with memory manufacturers through the nForce development. I would think that they would have a pretty good clue as to which way jedec will swing. I think this also applies to ATi.

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