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Fluxism 10-02-02 08:43 PM

Mandrake 9 / G4 TI4600 / Long error list...
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I tried to install the following drivers on Mandrake 9 / G4 TI4600. NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-3123.tar.gz, NVIDIA_GLX-1.0-3123.tar.gz. Untared the files, cd to dir then make install, tried to install the kernal first... And got a huge long list of errors (please see the attached file). I really dont know where to go from here, noob insults are welcome so long as you include a how to fix it ;)

Thanks in advance.

mtrr 10-02-02 08:46 PM

as always with mandrake and redhat: please install kernel sources,
dig through the forum a little and you'll read that _many_ times.

the bunch of error messages are from some modded include files.


btw as someone told me the sources are on the 3rd CD.

Fluxism 10-02-02 08:50 PM

Fast reply, only hit refresh once :D

The wierd thing is, i installed Mandrake first time round, then the vga drivers, all went in fine, no problems at all. Then I reformatted both Windoze / Mandrake partitions, resized them (more to nix) reinstalled again, and then using exactly the same drivers / same install method, i get the massive error list...

mtrr 10-02-02 08:55 PM

yeah, but those errors result from _not_ having kernel-source or at
least configured headers laying around (in the right place off course)


Fluxism 10-02-02 08:59 PM

Ok, thanks mtrr,

/me goes to find an idiots guide to installing from the sources.

mtrr 10-02-02 09:17 PM

don't need an "idiots" guide.

just install the kernel-sources from your MDK cd.

then rebuild again.

btw: I PMed you.


Fluxism 10-02-02 09:54 PM

Ahhh, but i DO need an idiots guide. You see, you say install the kernal sources, and i think 'eh?'.
I been on clik clik windozes for too long.. But I on the road now...

(soz about the PM)

Fluxism 10-03-02 03:18 PM

Just as an update and to close this thread, it seems that the reason why the drivers installed first time and then not the second was due to not installing the kernal sources when I installed Mandrake.
So a small word of advice to fellow newcomers to linux is to MAKE SURE you install the kernal sources when you install the O/S. Then it's a simple matter of starting without X then login in as root, then;

tar zxf NDIVIA_k*
tar zxf NVIDIA_G*
cd NVIDIA_k*
make install
cd ../NVIDIA_G*
make install

Then you need to alter the device "nv" part of your XConfig to read device "nvidia".

And that (touch wood) is that


novafluxx 10-03-02 05:05 PM

I feel stupid
I can't seem ti find the kernel-source package. I've searched in the Mnadrake Install Software thing, but it comes up with no results...and when I search for kernel, its lists:


Don't tell me I have to reinstall the whole thing, I'm just a novice at this, and it was easy installing the drivers for 8.2 cause they came pre-packaged...heh...this is slightly harder.

Thanks in advance for your help!

mtrr 10-03-02 05:09 PM

3rd CD, international package (at least that't what I read in some other threads yesterday)


novafluxx 10-03-02 05:10 PM

noo!!! Don't tell me that, I only got the first 2, I'm sure as hell not DLing an entire CD just to get 1 package...is there any other way I can get the package?

mtrr 10-03-02 05:27 PM

urpmi should be the tool of choice :)
dunno syntax, I'm no MDK or RH user.


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