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nichos 10-02-02 09:15 PM

Nforce AGP & unreal 2003
Hey all! I have an nforce board, w/a gf3ti graphics card. Anyway, I'm trying to play unreal 2003 - has anyone done this w/the nforce board? i was told to disable agpgart in my kernel, and set;
Option "NvAGP" "1"
in my xfree config file, which i did. The game still runs HORRIBLY choppy. My question, is there anyway to get AGP running nicely in linux, on the nforce board? or better yet, anyone have an nforce board, and successfully have unreal tourn. 2003 up and running? I have glx installed quake 3, RTCF works fine. My board is an ASUS A7N266-C Thanks in advance everyone!!!

arovin 10-18-02 05:21 PM

I have the same board and am having the same issue
I average about 9 frames a sec with any detail setting.

I have and Atholn XP 1.667 Ghz
1 gig o Ram
geforce 4 Ti 4600
ASUS A7N266-C mother board.

my Xfree86.0.log states that:

it failed to verify AGP usage

I took agpgart out of the kernel and am running nvagp 1 to no avail


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