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incin 10-02-02 10:02 PM

nforce & redhat 8.0
i'm a linux noob, but i think i compiled the code in the tar.gz correctly, ran it, and it came up with a new hardware installation screen for my network card(nforce) and everything seemed fine, until it booted and it failed.

it is my assumption that the drivers for the nforce ethernet are not compatible with redhat 8.0

either that, or i'm stupid. if anyone has had success, or might know something i did wrong, help would be appreciated

shotobot 10-02-02 10:35 PM

Redhat 8.0
The nvidia drivers do not work for Redhat 8.0 that I have found.
Looks like they are incompatible the Redhat 8.0 kernel. After sorting thru tons of sys messages and x messages...

The drivers for Redhat 7.3 worked flawlessly, had no probs there.

I am sure nvidia will release 8.0 drivers soon...

shaun680 10-03-02 10:42 AM

Yeah, I can't get the internet or any audio working either. I installed the drivers and it has detected nforce audio sound card and nvnet ethernet card, but it wont play any sounds or connect to the internet :mad:

Graphics works fine though :rolleyes:

shotobot 10-03-02 01:10 PM

Display Drivers
I was referring the nvidia display drivers....ive got a gf2 mx 400 64mb card..and it worked fine with redhat 7.3 drivers..but not
with 8.0

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