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tvthehun 02-13-04 03:59 PM

slow 3d graphics
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Hiya there!

I have a Riva TNT2 graphics adaptor and during installation YAST told me that I had to install the newest Nvidia driver from the website.

This I did, but still no 3d support - Foo Billiard and Racer will now load (which was not previously so) but the graphics is ridiculously slow, maybe one frame per second.

My configuration
SuSE 8.2 (I have followed the special instructions to the letter)
Have done a full software update with YOU today, shortly before installing the driver. Kernel-source was included.

AMD Athlon 500 MHz/128MB RAM

Driver version is 5336

Graphics card is a Diamond Viper 770
No idea about either video bios ('0' appears to be empty, at least when viewed with kwrite) or the motherboard (I'd have ro remove the CPU to read the ID, and I'd rather not)

Log files are attached.

Thank you very much in advance,


Jim1 02-14-04 09:14 AM

The log file you posted is corrupt!

Did you remember to edit you XFree config file? It sounds like you're still using "vesa" or "nv" drivers. It tells you how tio do this in the readme.

tvthehun 02-16-04 07:40 PM

Hello to Aberystwyth! I once came through that place whist being on holiday in Pembrokeshire.

Anyway, I think this is where I unmask myself and show my being a bleeding newbie to Linux (albeit not to PC's, which I use since 15 years).

I did not edit my XFree config file, as I didn't know that this is actually necessary, and if so, what I should edit.

The new dirver is loaded though - when booting the system, I now get greeted by a Nvidia splash screen. Also, 3D proggies such as racer will now start which was not previously the case. However, the resulting graphics runs very much like a tree orgasms - v e r y s l o w l y .

The corrupted log file I don't know about - I just looked into it with KWrite and it looked o.k, if cryptic.

thanks, tv

macemoneta 02-17-04 10:02 PM

Same problem here - TNT2 and 5336 = BAD
I had a working TNT2 installation with the 4496 drivers on Fedora Core 1. I upgraded to the 5336 driver, and glxgears dropped from about 650fps to 60fps. Switched back to the 4496 driver and it's back at 650fps. There's no problem indicated in the log (GLX initialized), but it's not working on the 5336 drivers. Staying with 4496 for now on that machine....

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