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cricket 10-03-02 12:01 AM

how many level are there in mafia?
just wondering how many levels there are in mafia game? so far im up to 60 something saved game points and the last level name im at now is "happy birthday" how much more is there to go?........its a great game by the way....the machine gun action in the car garage(when they go to get whiskey truck) was great and i also found some grenade's in there , in a box on floor. am i getting close to the end guys?

Matthyahuw 10-03-02 02:18 PM

I just finished, all I have to sayis BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!
No bublegum ending, BRAVO!!!
game of the year I say...and to think the game creators were neither Italian, or even American!


BlackEagle 10-04-02 03:58 PM

Affirmative! I REALLY didn't expect such an ending.
The game is sometimes like a movie -> Oscar to developers :D
@ cricket: Keep playing, you're almost through...

cricket 10-08-02 12:54 AM

i finally finished.....wow what a great game !!! (i was away for a few days so i had to take a break) the hardest parts where firguring out how to make train move to kill morello(in the "you lucky bastard/harbor part), i didnt see the wood blocks in front of the train wheels (I found out about It in a forum from mafia website). and also had a hard time with cops on rooftops, and killing sam (only had 13 health to do it with, but finally got it).....it was sorta like "watching a movie and playing a game at the same time, but a lot of fun. a lot longer of a game than i expected too, but worth every minute of it. even though the car drive's seemed like a waste of time ....they help you learn the roads better and where things are loated at. now to try the 19 missions in "free ride extreme....anyone completed them yet? im stuck on the first "free ride extreme mission" already....do i take a shorter route to head gonsalles off? what is best plan for this? any help guys? matthyahuw?

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