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Epro 02-13-04 04:49 PM

NVaudio kernel sources and JUST HELP ME!
Ok, when I run make it says a long message at the bpttpm something about something not directoing towars something, instead of someone telling me to edit my makefile accordingly, someone please tell what the kernel sources are! I have Mandrake Linux 9.2,Nforce2 audio sound card,and my kernel is unmodified, and when I run the rpm driver installation it just appears for liek a quarter of a second, then disappears, I have 1.9 ghz so it may just be my computer, but I still wanna know what package I need to install to install the kernel sources!!!! Help is appreciated!

losinggeneratio 02-15-04 02:31 AM

you could try this ftp://ftp.tux.org/pub/distributions/...1-1mdk.src.rpm
or just go to a similar mirror to find a (S)ource RPM thus the SRPMS in the url hope that helps some, I may try that on the kids computer across the hall, so tell me if it works out of you.

serialdave 02-15-04 03:46 AM

Mnadrake put so much onto those 3 cd's that they could not include the kernel source on the install cd set. As suggested you need to download the kernel source rpm file-s and install. Then the Nvidia source rpm installs will work.

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