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eduardp 10-03-02 03:31 AM

NVidia Drivers HowTo for RedHat 8.0 needed

I Yesterday downloaded RedHat 8.0 and Installed it in my Home Computer (I had RedHat 7.3 with NVIDIA Athlon drivers).

The new installation makes the X windows system crash, so I don't have my computer anymore until I, someway, manage to reinstall the drivers.

So I really need (same that 90% of users):

a) A way to recover my system to a clear VGA installation. I understand I'll have to remove the 7.3 rpm packages through:

rpm -e NVIDIA_kernel

and make few changes to the XF86Config-4 file found into the /etc/X11/ directory...what changes?

b) A way to make the drivers work through recompiling them: No idea How.

So, is there anybody that could help me? I wouldn't like to be using Windows!!!

Anyway, could anybody tell me why, if NVIDIA finally released their source code, they didn't integrate it into the kernel tree so drivers came automatically with any Linux distro?

greengoblin 10-03-02 07:22 AM

rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_kernal*****
rpmbuild --rebuild NVIDIA_GLX****

But it does not work for my GeForce 3 Ti 200 here. It killed my X a few times.

Reverting to RH 7.3 for the moment

paulsmyth 10-03-02 07:51 AM

RPMS for RH8.0 Needed
The problem is the binary portion of the NVidia driver is compiled against gcc 2.x andthe RedHat 8.0 kernel is compiled against gcc 3.x. How much trouble is it for NVidia to compile the source against gcc 3.x. If it involves a major re-write, why don't they let us no so that we can wait until the new driver is ready instead of wasting time trying to get something to work that won't.

bwkaz 10-03-02 08:12 AM

No, that isn't the problem. My kernel was compiled with gcc 3.2, and the nVidia drivers work wonderfully.

You have to install from either .srpm or .tar.gz (both include some binary bits of the driver, these are the parts I assume you were referencing?), but it works just fine!

And nVidia still hasn't (AFAIK) released their source. What you get when you download the .tar.gz drivers is the following:
[list=1][*]The (binary) low-level interface to the card, that runs in kernel mode (the name of this file is Module-nvkernel, BTW, in case anyone cares ;) ).[*]The source code that glues #1 to the actual, running kernel. This is the part that's extremely dependent on which kernel version is running (and what compiler was used on it, and what options were selected in the kernel configuration, and so on).[*]The binary libGL.so, libGLcore.so, nvidia_drv.o (the X driver), and libglx.so (the X interface to GL). And some documentation and such.[/list=1]
#1 and #2 are part of NVIDIA_kernel, and #3 comes packaged as NVIDIA_GLX. For nVidia's code to be integrated into the kernel tree, the kernel developers would need the full source to #1 and #2, and nobody but nVidia has that.

In XF86Config-4, commenting Load "glx" and changing Driver "nvidia" to Driver "vesa" should work for low resolutions anyway. You'd get a display at least. You can also try Driver "nv" to see if you can get any higher color depths or resolutions (but that driver won't work with GF4 series cards, only GF3 and below).

greengoblin 10-03-02 08:26 AM

If I wanted to use "nv", then it would be better for me not to install the nvidia drivers at all :)

Euphoria 10-03-02 10:21 AM

Make shure you have installed teh Kernal development packets from the Redhat 8.0 CD. After you've done that, just download the *tar.gz src files for the Nvidia_kernel and NVIDIA_GLX.
"tar zxvf" the files, go into the kernel directory and type" make install" after is done go to the NVIDIA_GLX directory and type " make install".

Then edit the XF86Config file and where it says driver "vesa" type driver "nvidia".

And thats it.

You should have nvidia drivers running.

bwkaz 10-03-02 10:48 AM


Originally posted by greengoblin
If I wanted to use "nv", then it would be better for me not to install the nvidia drivers at all :)
Sorry, it seems I wasn't really clear. My comment to use "nv" was aimed at eduardp, who seemed to want to get some GUI up, presumably to go download the .tar.gz drivers (even though you can use lynx or links or w3c for that, they're text-mode Web browsers). It obviously isn't a permanent fix! :)

utiel 10-03-02 03:02 PM

Sure Nvidia will build binaries for RedHat 8.0
When RedHat 8.0 be more popular ( I am still downloading it ) I think Nvidia will post binary drivers.

If system hangs at 5 minutes.... check if there is any problem with OpenGL libraries, and play with Option "NvAGP" to different values.

If you own an AMD, and problem persists, try adding mem=nopentium in GRUB config file ( or lilo )

sbenton83 10-04-02 01:23 AM

I see lots of posts telling me to install the development sources. Where are these rpms for redhat 8.0, i.e. what disk # are they on and what are they called?

Euphoria 10-04-02 02:42 AM

They are on the first disk.

just cd to /mnt/cdrom/RedHat/RPMS
and look for kernel development packages.

or you can make it easier if you double click on autorun from the Xwindow desktop interface and then check the kernel development packages and click on install.

paulsmyth 10-04-02 03:59 AM

Well, it's working fine. compiled the NVIDIA kernel driver, reinstated a backup copy of my XF86Config-4.
At first it kept crashing out, but this turned out to be because the RedHat setup had added a line to my modules.conf:
"alias usb-controller usb-ohci"
Which disabled my uhci, which disabled my usb keyboard and mouse. Plugged in PS/2 keyboard, commented out offending line, rebooted, WOW!!!.
If in doubt, check the obvious!!

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