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jimkk 02-15-04 04:24 PM

Cycling through resolutions

I can't seem to cycle through the different resolutions in my XF86Config.

My laptop (Dell D800) does not have a numeric keypad on the right. But if you press the fn key, you can use some of the regular keys as numeric keypad. But I try pressing ctrl-alt-fn-+ and it does not work.

Thanks for any help.


Moled 02-15-04 04:32 PM

use "xrandr"

jimkk 02-15-04 05:59 PM

Thanks, I'll try that, but there is a key chord combination that is supposed to do it...that's what I'm looking for.


McQuaid 02-15-04 08:53 PM

How exactly does one use RandR? I read the window manager has to support it. Does icewm? Couldn't find much info and the randr man page is kinda limited. And once it's working how does one cycle/change refresh/res on the fly? Still alt ctrl +?

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