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ecoffey 02-15-04 09:22 PM

Dual channel RAM and pixel clock
I have a Soltek SL 75MRN-L motherboard (nForce2 chipset, GeForce4 MX integrated graphics) running an Athlon 2600XP (166MHz FSB). At the moment it's running with a single 512MB stick of cheap PC2700 RAM, but soon that will be replaced with two 256MB sticks of Kingston PC3200 RAM which will then run in dual channel mode. At the moment the pixel clock is restricted by the memory bandwidth to well below the maximum 300MHz. Without overclocking anything can I expect a significant improvement in the restriction of the maximum pixel clock when I move to the dual PC3200 RAM?

Rytr 02-15-04 10:11 PM

Think most improvement in bandwidth will come from the PC3200 ram. I had the Soltek FRN2-L board with the NF2 chipset and I never noticed significant improvement with dual channel. Improvement, yes, significant, no.

ecoffey 02-15-04 11:04 PM

Are you speaking in terms of general performance boost, or secifically the maximum usable pixel clock?

According to my monitor's specs I should be able to get a 1920x1440 desktop at 75Hz using a 300MHz pixel clock, so I'm not really happy at the moment with 1600x1200 at 60Hz.

Rytr 02-15-04 11:12 PM

My mistake. Yes, you should be able to at least reach your monitor's rated specs.

ecoffey 02-16-04 12:18 AM

Good to hear. Out of interest, does anyone here know how the driver's memory bandwidth test works?

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