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nyhm 02-16-04 06:56 PM

4496 pkg2 kernel module problem PLEASE READ
Im a linux newb

Recently installed fedora on my machine, i didnt update the kernel... so im still at 2.4.2 (i think that's right)

i've got a GeForce3 Ti 500
i downloaded 4496-pkg2.run for my card
i installed the kernel-source from my fedora discs
i get into pure console mode (or whatever its called)
type in:
sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-4496-pkg2.run

the installer comes up gets to the part where you see the loading bar then it says it can load kernel module.

Why is this? please help me, i've been to 3 different forums (linuxquestions, justlinux, and linuxiso) the past 3 days and no one knows what to do... please please help.

Thanks in advance!

Anthaus 02-17-04 11:07 AM

Aside from the kernel-sources you need the glibc, gcc and make libraries. Be warned that fedora has gcc 3+ as well as gcc 2+ This drives some packages mad since they don't know what to do. As for myself, I would uninstall the gcc 3 since it's a little buggy and most programs don't need it as of yet. There's a workaround with a nice enviroment variable, but I don't remember how it goes (something like ggcpath=gcc2.3).

Just double check if your kernel sources are the very same version as the kernel you're running.

It would be a good idea to up2date your whole rig before installing the nvidia drivers.

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