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sh*tshot 10-03-02 08:39 AM

nVidia Detonator 31.40 WHQL Drivers for All OS's
I found the nVidia Detonator 31.40 whql drivers for Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP. Note that these are not supported by nVidia!!


digitalwanderer 10-04-02 01:17 PM

These are THE sh1t for my GF3!
These are the fastest dets I've ever used on 98se with my GF3, period. Stable, clean, they game incredible and they have tasty IQ.

I'm a happy gamer. I just got UT2k3 & NOLF2, (bought 'em, SUPPORT THE GOOD GAMES!), and am gonna go happily kill things and quit playing with drivers for a while...these are GREAT!

EDLIM 10-04-02 01:49 PM

Great Driver
This is a great and stable driver. I've tried the 31.00 whql and this 31.40 Whql is somewhat the same but seem to be a lot better across the board.
I am running this with a GF4Ti4200 and all games are playing great. On my other system with a GF3Ti500 everything is working great also.

digitalwanderer 10-06-02 10:16 AM

Two days later and these suckers are still my new fave! I haven't found any probs with them with the exception of a bit of a lack-o-support with them & RivaTuner on databases. (Which should probably be expected since these were released after the latest RT...sorry for whining Unwinder, I can only imagine how busy you must be! Thanks again!)

Since these wonderful dets are deemed unworthy of a sticky for feedback, mayhaps I'll just keep bumping it.... ;)

They're FAST, they're PRETTY, and they are STABLE as hell! Go, go!! Try, try!!

EDITED BITS-Before you can ask S, she's back at 240/530 without a lick-o-problems. Then again, the weather has finally cracked into the fall zone to a comfy 60-70f around here. ;)

ss1 10-06-02 10:49 AM

How well do they work with DX7 games? Because all the other 30.xx series has issues with some DX7 games e.g Freespace 2's in game text becomes un-readable with the 30.xx series.


Falkentyne 10-06-02 01:11 PM

I would like to know this, also.

Otherwise I won't be upgrading from 29.42 .....

The Baron 10-06-02 01:38 PM

Freespace 2... posh. :p

digitalwanderer 10-06-02 03:52 PM

On DX7 and older games...
Errr, uhm, well....
...ok! :)

I don't have FS2 installed right now, (GREAT game, BTW. ;) ); but the original NOLF, Crimson Skies, UT, and Oni all play just fine for me. Very smooth, very crisp, no sign of glitchiness or artifacts.

I just re-installed 3dm2k, (I really SHOULD run new drivers thru it too, thanks for pointing out my neglect. :) ), and it scored me 9959 which is about a thousand points higher than my previous best. (Which was a looong time ago, so please bear that in mind.) The cool thing is the test LOOKED prettier than I ever remember it being.

Hope that helps, give 'em a try!

Falkentyne 10-06-02 09:57 PM

Well, if anyone can test the following games, then I'll know if these drivers are worth their salt or not.

1) Freespace 2

2) Darkstone

3) Incoming (Rage, 1998)

4) Drakan: order of the flame

5) Re-volt

6) Ballistics

That should be a pretty nice mix of DX6 and DX7 games....
Of course, I could just install FS2 and test it myself ....but it takes a lot to get new drivers stable on my computer.... Either I have game problems.... and the previous driver (27.42) would blue screen when running burnBX.exe at 150 FSB..... (only with my Tualatin P3, but not with the coppermine P3), while I will not get a bluescreen with 29.42 (EXACT same config, just a driver switch), unless I go up to 155 FSB.

Darkstone, for instance, would not even start on the 27.42 drivers...it would CTD at the main menu...and the 2nd CTD would crash directX completely until you rebooted...but works fine on 29.42. (darkstone worked on the 12.90 and 21.83 drivers, though !).

Falkentyne 10-10-02 02:31 PM

Ok, went and tried these drivers.....

First: an MS DOS SVGA bug was fixed....this bug had been present in both 27.42 and 29.42. Basically, certain games (especially build engine, like duke3D), would have the screen flashing strange flickering lines in it. (almost as if the card were bad, or overclocked too far). No real way to explain it, but it's been fixed with this driver.

It's not just the video mode, as other games that use the same resolution (Warcraft 2, for instance) are fine. So it could be something related to rendering. Anyway, glad to see THAT bug has been fixed.

Freespace 2 has in game flight text. Someone else said all the 30.xx's had no flight text in FS2, but I can't confirm that, except just to say it's working here.

Drakan order of the flame, Darkstone, Incoming, and Jedi Knight (1) are all working properly

UT2003 and Quake3 work fine, of course.

Hitman 2 demo seems to be working. (Some said they had artifacts in other drivers?).

Seems like a solid driver so far.....as long as I don't find any obvious bugs, I'm happy.

ss1 10-10-02 07:39 PM

Great stuff!

Yeah under the 30.xx drivers the FS2 text would have weird characters and look really bad.


SnakeEyes 10-11-02 05:44 PM

The download links are dead?

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