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rutgerclaes 07-31-02 03:22 PM

How do I configure TwinView on Dell Inspiron
How do I enable Twinview in my RedHat 7.3 Dell Inspiron Laptop? I've read you have to change Kernel modules, or do I just alter my XF86Free-4 file. I didn't see anything twinview related. Do I have to use the sampel config file included in the GLX tar file?
And even more important, can I turn the twinview feature off. It's simpel, my computer still is a Laptop, and I don't carry my CRT with me :D . So when I'm "on the road", I want Twinview disabled.
Thanks in advanced
Rutger Claes

Thunderbird 07-31-02 04:15 PM

To enable twinview you need to hack your XF86Config(-4) file. Read how to do this in the driver docs (/usr/share/doc/NV....).
In that dir is an example XF86Config file too.

prakash 07-31-02 06:48 PM


i have just configured the TWIN VIEW options. The second screen looks full blue.. The Red and the Green gun doesnt seem to work.

can any one let me know to correct this problem if anyone have come across this.


rutgerclaes 08-01-02 12:11 AM

Yes, but can I disable it.
It's very important to me that there is a simple way to disable it. How do other laptop users deal with this problem, or don't they install twinview ? The hacking of the config file i knew, it's how to enable it, if that's possible, that is really important

bammbamm808 08-01-02 01:23 AM

I got twinview working in Win2K and Slack8 in 1/2 hr. Here's how:
Go to nvidia's linux driver page and read the README.txt

Really, it works. Answers all your questions and tells you exactly what to do. If that doesn't work for you. Post back here stating exactly what you did, and exactly what happened. "It didn't work", will prolly not get you the help you need.

rutgerclaes 08-01-02 02:34 AM

I haven't even tried it ...
I'm not trying to enable twinview untill I'm shure there's a button or a script out there to disable it for a short time.
Or can I leave it on and just take of the CRT monitor? Maybe this works, I don't know. But I've read that when using twinview on a laptop, the extra CRT monitor becomes the primary device, not exactly what I want when I disconnect it.

bammbamm808 08-01-02 03:20 AM

Pretty simple to handle, I think
Just set your system to boot to runlevel3, not 5. Save your old XF86Config (or XF86Config-4, whichever). To choose which configurations to boot, you can tell XFree which config file to use with the -xf86config <file> option. Haven't used it myself, but it's in the XFree86 man pages. I don't know the rest, but there's a start for you. Someone's thought of it already!

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