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pdawlall 02-18-04 01:43 AM

twinview with black borders
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Could somebody please help me. I have a nvidia geforxe fx 5200 with tv out.
I have searched various sites in google but nothing seems to work right. I have installed the latest nvidia drivers from the website and followed the instructions to configure it. I have twinview working on my crt and tv display but when i play a avi or mpeg using xine i have black borders round the movie. I am currently using the 800x600 resolution on both devices. How do i get it to play full screen on the tv. Here is a copy of my XF86config. I am running suse 8.2. I have tried nvtv but i doesnt work with fx cards.
please help!!

blueworm 02-18-04 06:51 AM

Having small black borders is normal...

peace 02-18-04 02:44 PM

same problem

i have the same problem with my good old gforce2 mx 400 under freebsd - but under windows 98 with a really old driver (maybe the elsa one, it's a gladiac 511 tv-out 64) or any new nvidia driver with help of tvtool) i have a great full screen picture without any boarders on tv with mediaplayer and all other apps (twinview crt/tv).
so it is possbile, but under bsd and apparently under linux there is it a problem?
i don't understand?
are there really so many different digital video encoder chips for pc gfx-cards?
my card has conexant bt869 an i think many cards have the same or a compatible chip. can you please add support for overscan for these chip family? or make your kernel module a bit opener / expandable?

reverse engieneering consumes so much time, particularly if man is not in exercise :rolleyes:


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