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CodeMonkey 02-18-04 10:50 AM

Feedback requested
hello everyone.

i am a student at a university in ohio, and to be honest i dislike online chatrooms etc, but i am not a microsoft windows fantaic. i have been using various systems and doing work on other platforms and really believe that the real field of computing lies elsewhere

my idea was to see if i could perhaps find others online that shared my views, others who could discause unix and linux so i could learn more and more importantly, not listen to my fellow porgrammers say, "miscroft is the new era, the real way to go"

let me know if i am in the right place. just a student looking to find other enthusists.


vampireuk 02-18-04 10:55 AM

Your best bet would probably be the Linux forum then;)

CodeMonkey 02-18-04 11:45 AM

for what its worth, i thought this was a linux forum.

im actually aggrivated that most of the linux distribution sites offer faulty ftp adresses, not to mention when i do get one downloaded the 500mb file has nothing to do with linux at all.

really id just like to get a copy of an up to date linux and partitian my hard drive and see how it is, but i am having mad trouble doing so.

any help?


saturnotaku 02-18-04 11:52 AM


Originally posted by CodeMonkey
for what its worth, i thought this was a linux forum.
No, this is a computer hardware and software enthusiast forum that just happens to have an emphasis on graphics hardware by NVIDIA (even though many of the regulars here actually own ATI cards ;) ).

Here is where you want to go for any and all discussion about Linux. There also is a separate forum to discuss NVIDIA's graphics drivers for Linux.

CodeMonkey 02-18-04 11:55 AM

your reply was exactly what i need, thanks.

farewell hardware buffs...

GlowStick 02-18-04 12:32 PM

Aye, we love hardware, and games hehe!

back to painkiller : D

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