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tejecske 02-18-04 10:01 PM

Driver for freedesktop.org's X-Server

Due to the recent licensing problems with the XFree86, the major distributions will be ship without the new versions of it. So the people with nvidia cards (we), got intrested in if NVidia plans providing (closed or open-source) drivers for another X-Server implementations, like the fredesktop.org's.
I'd like just to know.

Moled 02-18-04 10:19 PM

1. open source isn't going to happen
2. the xfree people may see the error of their ways
3. freedesktop.org will eventually end up as the standard, so I think we *should* get drivers eventually if nvidia are sane
4. is freedesktop.org's xserver in a stable state?

bahamot 02-18-04 10:32 PM

I think Nvidia not that moron to not release driver for freedesktop.org's new Xserver...

stefan42 02-19-04 06:04 AM

Please excuse my ignorance, but could someone summarize what the current status of all the X'es is?
The facts I know so far reduce to:
XFree 4.4 comes with a licence that might not be compatible with GPL. What new features does 4.4 cover? Why does it affect the distributions? Suse can bundle sun's java wich has a license that isn't compatible with GPL either. Is it a real problem or just something the distributors don't like?

What's the state of X.org, freedesktop.org? Can either be used yet? [Guessing from this poll's topic I believe that NVidia's drivers won't work for them though]

Thanks for the clarification,

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