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Killa631 02-19-04 06:02 AM

Stopping X and installing the drivers and witch driver i should use
i have mandrake 9.2 and i wonna get my geforce 4 ti 4200 installed, only prob is i dont know wich drivers i should get and how i should down X and stuff like that, plzzzz help!

Killa631 02-19-04 09:16 AM

plz ppl! i need this really really bad

BlueVette 02-19-04 02:51 PM

Helping ya...
Okay. Driver: Download the single file (driver) appropriate for your system from nvidia's download section (ie. IA32, etc). Since *I* don't know how to properly kill X, I just do the following. I configure the system NOT to start X when I login. (In mandrake this is done in the Mandrake Control center in Boot Options I believe). Then I reboot the computer. And sure enough, I just get a login prompt. I login as root and then I 'cd' into the folder with the driver. Then just do execute the file (with... sh <filename> I think). It should go about its business and do what it needs to make everything happy. Afterwards you may need to edit your /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file to enable the Load "GLX" option.
Anyways, that is always worked great for me. Good luck.

Killa631 02-20-04 11:24 AM

the first prob is i dont know witch driver i must use for my comp, i have a P4 265 mb ram and geforce ti 4200

Second prob is that when i go onto the text console on startup i press in 'root' and then wonna type my pass, but my keyboard gets disabled when i wonna do the pass! thx for help tho, but if you know how to fix this prob i would be verry happy

Epro 02-20-04 11:38 AM

dude its not showing you enter your password for security reasons just type it in

Killa631 02-21-04 05:15 AM

ok, thx, and what driver should i get with my comp (see specs above)

edit : its not showing my password cause of my keyboard being disabled by something i dont know of, the only thing i know is that i can type in 'root' in the login line and when the password line comes my keyboard gets fully disabled!

coroner 02-21-04 05:39 AM

first of all: your keyboard is not at all being disabled when you type in youre root password. only for security reasons it is not showing anything like stars or stuff, to avoid that other ppl could see, how much letters your passphrase has.
second simply get the driver for IA32 from the nvidia homepage and install it on the console via: $sh <nvidia-driver-file>.run. you should be root to do it.
third one: normally you dont type just root to become root, but enter su to become SuperUser.
hope youll manage this....

Killa631 02-21-04 07:38 AM

but when i press my CORRECT root pass and press enter it says invalid login! note : my pass is only numbers, my that be the cause of that my pass dont work? and if so, how do i change root pass then?

coroner 02-21-04 07:49 AM

if u use the numpad of your keyboard make sure, that numlock is active or try to use the numbers above all the letters which should definitely work... maybe you do a mistake by typing in your password, you should try again then. you need to be root to change your root password. if you successfully became root use the passwd command to change the password.

Killa631 02-21-04 07:53 AM

i changed password, but that dont work either, i tryed login in with a normal user account, that works, only the root login doesnt work.....
Is their any chanse that i can install the drivers under a normal user?

coroner 02-21-04 07:55 AM

no chance... if you were able to change your root pass you must have been root which means the root account is working...
with the su command get root and then install the drivers... come on this shouldnt be too hard if you know youre root pass...

Killa631 02-21-04 08:02 AM

i got it, i login with a normal user, then type su then type the root pass and voila :)


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