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5150 Joker 10-03-02 02:41 PM

If you are having problems w/your 9700 please take a look
We're taking a vote at Rage3D to find out which chipset users with problems tend to use.


Mono 10-05-02 01:52 AM

well of course there's gana be more people with via boards reporting problems simply because more people have them. I know it's in good faith but ideally you should have a poll to try and find the percent of people with diffrent chipsets before going :o omfg via blows without relizing the proportion of users that own a certain chipset board. Yah... ;)

BTW, I've had my 9700 working on a SiS 735 Chipset and now on a VIA KT266a. :)

Bigus Dickus 10-05-02 03:04 PM

That's a good suggestion actually... perhaps a poll should be started in the off-topic, hardware, or general Radeon forums asking simply for what chipset people are using. Compare that to the "chipset w/ problems" poll to get useful results.

-=DVS=- 10-05-02 05:01 PM

Hmm they did not put ALI for AMD :o i have no problems :p
Must be very unpopular chip lol :D

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