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nilz 02-19-04 05:23 PM

Problem with Nvidia drivers

I have a slight problem after installing nvidia drivers for Linux: my logon screen in X as well in some applications (openoffice writer) look kind of "zoomed", so that it is impossible to see much: Screenshot from OpenOffice Writer

However desktop looks normal after the login.

I'm using Fedora Core 1 running on kernel version 2.6.3, my nvidia card is GeForce 2 mx400 (driver version1.0-5336). My desktop manager is Gnome. The same problem accured with Fedora stock kernels as well.

I've tried to look through the fonts with gnome-character-map as well as changing the Option "NoRenderExtension" to "true" in my XF86Config, but it didn't help.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

zander 02-19-04 05:37 PM

Check the output of xdpyinfo |grep resolution, chances are it's insanely high. If so, there are several possible solutions: the first is to instruct the NVIDIA driver to ignore the monitor provided EDID with the IgnoreEDID option (see the README for details); this helps with monitors which misreport their capabilities. The other options are to use the XFree86 DisplaySize option (see XF86Config(5x)) or to specify the correct screen resolution with the XFree86 -dpi command line parameter (see Xserver(1x), e.g. startx -- -dpi 75).

nilz 02-19-04 05:42 PM

The output is:
resolution: 2601x1951 dots per inch

Is this insanely high? :)

However my desktop looks normal, and I noticed the problem only in Login screen and OpenOffice applications.

nilz 02-19-04 05:48 PM

Setting IgnoreEDID option to "true" solved the problem.

Thank you very much!

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