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Yupper3d 07-31-02 04:19 PM

NVIDIA Drivers + Linux 7.3 Works once then quits
Alright, so I've installed the drivers successfully a couple times on identical systems like the one I'm trying to use right now. I compiled the drivers (make install) on the kernel files first then on the GLX.
I start the server and it runs great! I see the nvidia logo and then I can login, etc. If I reboot the computer, the X server will not work. It says that it can't find the NVmodule. I checked my XFree86-4 file and it's still the same. I recompile the kernel drivers, start the X server and it works again until the next reboot. Funky huh?

Any ideas?


r0gu3 07-31-02 07:02 PM

well next time you reboot try this as root...
modprobe NVdriver

then startx...

- r0gu3

bammbamm808 08-01-02 01:29 AM

Good channce to learn a linux basic here. read on
I was very happy to find this page, especially since I was using Slackware, which doesn't load much of anything by default:

light bulb goes on here----->

You need to edit a startup script, or add one to load the NVdriver each time linux starts. For me and my Slackware 8, it was /etc/rc.d/rc.modules. There are other ways to do it, depending on distro or preference.

(path-to)/modprobe NVdriver should do it.

Thunderbird 08-01-02 04:03 AM

On RH/Mandrake and other distro's the standard file to add modules to is /etc/modules.conf or conf.modules. When you install the kernel module a line like this is added to it:
alias char-major-195 NVdriver
(If it is not there add it)

What it does is that it loads the NVdriver when you startx or when something else tries to use /dev/nv*

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