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Stephanie 02-19-04 08:16 PM

Do I need to be connected to the internet to run the installer
I wish to install a new kernel for my Suse Box. I know that I will need to run the new installer for version: 1.0-5336 to get my graphics up and running. My questioin is, do I need to be connected to the internet when I run the installer. In the past I've had a full time cable internet connection so there wasn't any problems, but now I have a dial up system and when I boot to run level 3 to run the installer, I'm unable to connect to the internet.


Thanks a bunch

McQuaid 02-19-04 09:57 PM

Well, it depends if there is a package available for your distro. Not sure about suse, for mine there isn't so it always fails to find one and then goes ahead and installs. I used to always say try, but now I just skip the step and let it install. In the past did it have a version available? Or would it fail and manually install one? Because if there isn't one available for your system, you need to have the kernel source for YOUR kernel.

SuLinUX 02-19-04 10:13 PM

No, just run the package and let it do it's thing, like was said above you need your kernel- source.

By the way your not installing a new kernel, your installing the nvidia driver.

Stephanie 02-20-04 06:20 AM


Thanks for the info guys. This is a great place.



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