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DevCorner 02-19-04 09:05 PM

Install Linux NVidia Drivers..Windows BSOD
I have a computer with Windows XP Pro on it. I have recently installed Red Hat 9.0 on the same drive...different partition. It did not come with support for my GeForce FX 5200. I downloaded and installed the drivers. X started and worked great. Unfortunately, after rebooting the system into windows, I get a BSOD stop message. I am unable to get into windows. I formatted the drive, re-installed windows, and Red Hat without the drivers. I tested windows and it worked fine. After installing the NVidia drivers, I came up with the same errors. Any solutions? I have another drive I can install Red Hat onto if it is needed, but I wanted to check if there was anything I could do before trying and failing again. Thanks again


SuLinUX 02-19-04 10:22 PM

I dont see how installing the nvidia driver would affect Windows and bluescreen it, different partition and filesystem. I supposed you could unmount any Windows drives in RH if you have them and then try.

DevCorner 02-20-04 06:13 AM

Un Mounting the drive is a good Idea. What I'm going to do is un-mount the drive, and install the driver. Just as a precaution, I installed Red Hat on a separate HDD. So, it definately should affect it. I'll post again with my results. Thank you for your help

Kenneth 02-20-04 11:34 AM

I think I may have seen the opposite!
A friend of mine had a very stable Mandrake system which I helped upgrading with a cheap Nvidia graphics card. Since then she gets occasional lockups of X.

After troubleshooting this (upgrading drivers, new installs, etc.) I have come to the conclusion that it seems like the X lockups occur if her computer is rebooted from Windows into Linux! It only locks sometimes and not directly after boot.

Could this be that the graphics cards driver is not cleanly removed in Windows? Or that the card isn't cleanly initialized in Linux?

Your problem could be the opposite. If you power off your system completely (yes the button the back of the chassis or pull the power plug) and leave it off e.g. for 10 seconds. Does your system boot nicely then?


DevCorner 02-20-04 01:12 PM

I tested installing the drivers. All went well, most likely because I'm on a separate drive. Kenneth, I think your point seems the most logical. If I have time (and energy) I will try that to see if it is true. Thanks for everyones help


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