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felix_0815 02-20-04 07:15 AM

kernel 2.6.3 config-file

i tried to compile the new kernel-source (2.6.3) under DEBIAN but it won't complete compiling. I always get an error while compiling.
can anyone tell with modules i have to put into the kernel or even send me his kernel-configfile. of course this only works if the one who do this has nearly the same hardware components.
so here are my components.

ASUS A7N8X deluxe
athlon 2000XP
ATI 8500

also i use two IDE harddisks from IBM and a DVD drive besides a IDE CD-recorder. the mouse and keyboard is still connected via PS/2.

the most important feature i want to use is the onboard 3COM-network interface an the onboard-sound.

thank you all and excuse my bad english


whig 02-20-04 07:18 PM

You may not have bin-utils or module-init-tools installed, causing the error. Copy and paste the error here and I'll look at it.

For a sample .config type

make defconfig

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