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digitalwanderer 02-11-04 11:22 AM

The Baron?

Sazar 02-11-04 11:25 AM

seconded... :confused:

vampireuk 02-11-04 12:12 PM

Sorry this only concerns staff members.

|JuiceZ| 02-11-04 12:28 PM

Sorry for the lack information guys but as Vamp alluded to, this has been an ongoing internal issue that has existed for several months. And unfortunately he is no longer apart of our team.

If you have any questions, shoot me a pm, thanks.

Omega53 02-15-04 07:51 PM

what happened to the baron?
I use to love pissing him off and now he is gone :(

B&R 02-15-04 07:56 PM

He is in a better place now.:(

Omega53 02-15-04 07:58 PM


Originally posted by B&R
He is in a better place now.:(
Where??? I must find him!!!! You must tell me...

ragejg 02-15-04 10:09 PM

he's outtie, d00d...

ragejg 02-15-04 10:18 PM


Nutty 02-20-04 03:04 PM

Where'd Baron go?
Where'd he go, I got some questions for him.. doh..

I know hes gone or somat, cos his PM's come up as deleted user.. :confused:

saturnotaku 02-20-04 03:17 PM


PM JuiceZ if you have any questions.

Scott@Bjorn3D 02-20-04 04:54 PM

He works for me over at Bjorn 3D now.

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