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moazam 10-03-02 05:51 PM

85Hz in Windows, but only 75hz in Linux?
I have a nVidia GeForce 4/128mb (Leadtek), and in Win2k, I can easily run 1600x1200x24bit with 85hz and everything is great.

In Redhat 8, even with the nVidia drivers installed and working, X will not do over 1600x1200x24bit with *75Hz*, hence making the screen flicker. I have a Sun 21" monitor (Sun N3, aka Sun 0567) and I've selected it in the setup, but still, only 75Hz. I've even gone into XF86Config and tried to manually edit the values, but either I get 75Hz or no screen at all.

I don't know how to find out the Horiz/Vert Khz that is being used in Win2k, otherwise I'd try to input exactly those values. Some monitors have a button which tells you what frequencies they are running at, mine does'nt :/ . I just want 85hz..damn.

I've tried just about everything now. I've tried the site which generates modelines, and that didnt seem to work either.

It looks like in Windows, the OS/Drivers can push the card to throw out 1600x1200x32bit@85Hz, but in Linux, it just won't work. The card/monitor combo will do a max of 1600x1200x24bit@75Hz or so.

Any suggestions?

Klaus-P 10-04-02 04:39 AM

If your Redhat 8.0 has a good utility program generate the
Xf86Config file then under "monitor-vendor selection" try to select
VESA with resolution 1600x1200@85 Hz. Or try to force it in your video
setup program.

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