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Sothoth 02-21-04 10:18 AM

vesafb framebuffer, XFree86 4.3.0, nVidia 5336 problem

I'm a Debian Sid user. I was XFree86 4.2.x, nVidia 5336 driver and vesafb frame buffer in the console. All working fine.

Recently I upgraded to XFree86 4.3.0. Now, I have a problem:

1. The system starts in framebuffer console. The Tux logo, the kernel messages and the starting messages appears perfectly.
2. The system goes then into graphics mode (in X-Window) fine.
3. When I go back to console with Ctrl-Alt-F1... ¬°oops! The screen appears totally horrible, tottaly unreadable (flashing squares with different colors, lines and dots...).

In one sentence: The X-Window crashes the framebuffer console.

If I change:

Section "Device"
Driver "nvidia"


Section "Device"
Driver "nv"

then the problem disappears. Therefore, the problem is in the nVidia driver, and not in the XFree86 generic driver.

Now I can't get both framebuffer console and 3D accelerated X-Window system working together.

Any solutions? Thanks a lot!

Sothoth 02-21-04 10:53 AM

SOLUTION! (At least, for me)
The solution was to add a line:

Option "IgnoreDisplayDevices" "TV"

into the corresponding Section "Device", as I read in this forum.

Thanks a lot for all!

P.S.: Why it solves the problem?

teyu 02-22-04 11:51 AM

This is the solution I use as well. But there is a problem with it I haven't found a solution to. By using the option to ignore the tv as a display device, it disables the tv output on the card instead of ignoring it. When I then switch to a virtual terminal or exit from X, it does not re-enable the tv ouput. So i can no longer get a console display on my tv.

Now this would not normally be a problem, but I use my tv out for playing movies, and as a workaround want to use mplayer's ability to display to the framebuffer. But that does no good if the driver, instead of actually ignoring the display device, disables it.

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