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|JuiceZ| 02-21-04 12:29 PM

New Smilies!
:afro3: :clap2: (bud) :fkr: :ban: (daz) (kngt) (mag)

|JuiceZ| 02-21-04 12:30 PM

(fart) (bur) (foshiz) (bath) (duel) (bam) :kar: (inv)

|JuiceZ| 02-21-04 12:30 PM

:box: (dan) (crazy) :scatter: :angry: (aaa)

saturnotaku 02-21-04 01:30 PM

OK, some of these are just plain weird. :screwy:

Sazar 02-21-04 01:41 PM

I like some of em... :D

Clay 02-21-04 01:43 PM

These are great (and scary) :p Did you make them? Nice work whoever did. :thumbsup:

ragejg 02-21-04 01:44 PM

wow, I'm an emoticon?!!!


UDawg 02-21-04 02:05 PM

I like em. (aaa) :afro3: (bur) These are the best of the lot.

B&R 02-22-04 03:28 PM


Originally posted by |JuiceZ|

Malfunction 02-22-04 07:41 PM

lmao... these smilies rawk! :kar:

Great jobs guys, keep'em comin' :thumbsup:



vampireuk 02-28-04 03:14 PM


Can we add that under :canadian:


-=DVS=- 02-28-04 10:30 PM

Love new smilies , especially horsy one :D :D :D BTW how do you add picture to Signature like smilie.gif ?

not working
[*img] http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/images/smilies/kngt.gif[*/img]

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