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OwlManAtt 02-21-04 05:12 PM

nVidia Graphics Drivers, GeForce FX 5200, Asus P4S8X-X Problem - Solution
I think I've found a confliction between the nVidia driversm the GeForce FX 5200, and the Asus P4S8X-X Motherboard.

You see, when you boot X under the nvidia driver, the screen would be a garbled load of nothing, and the system would totaly hang.

Since I spent weeks trying to get the nVidia drivers to work by playing with stuff on the software end, someone suggested to play with the BIOS. I changed the AGP speed from 8x to 4x, and disabled fast write (not sure which setting did it), the driver worked.

Just thought I'd share the solution, in hopes someone out there might be able to get their card working. Enjoy.

energyman76b 02-21-04 05:38 PM


you could try to run testgart before starting X.

I have the same problem with an K7S8X. X hangs at first startup, is killable with sysrq-e, and if started again, it will work flawless.
Instead of starting X, testgart will do it too.

zander 02-22-04 04:05 AM

Do you see the same problems with NVIDIA's builtin AGP GART driver?

energyman76b 02-22-04 12:37 PM


if you talk to me, I am using kernel AGPGART, because he SiS746FX is not supported by the nvidia AGPGART.

zander 02-22-04 12:46 PM

@energyman76b: I meant Ow|ManAtt, since he's using a supported chipset (SiS 648); your problem sounds bizarre, it'd be good if somebody investigated it more closely.

energyman76b 02-22-04 12:55 PM


just got mail from someone who read my cry for help on lkml.

A two-line mini-patch, that solved the hanging-at-startup for 648(FX) chips, solved my hanging too!


zander 02-22-04 03:35 PM


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