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Cliff Fussell 02-21-04 06:30 PM

No ethernet card detection in suse 9.0, need help.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I'm running a 2500 AMD with a shuttle AN35N mb. I installed SuSE 9.0 and during the setup it failed to load the ehternet driver. I downloaded and installed the latest nvidia src.rpm and tried to install using the directions on the website. When I install from the floppy it says file complete but the lsmod does not list the module. When I tried to install from the command line it says no such file or directory. Any suggestions would be appreciated in helping me get this thing running.



stoker1961 02-22-04 01:42 PM

Same problem !!

I'm anxious to know about the solution because I encountered the very same problem.....


borgzilla 02-24-04 08:08 PM

Try downloading and building source file not src.rpm. If it doesn't work the only solution might be recompiling 2.6.3 kernel with forcedeth drivers enabled in kernel config.

I did it with slackware current and since then ethernet card works just fine.

Cliff Fussell 02-25-04 05:38 PM

Got it Working
I used the information at the bottom of the driver page. I didn't use the rpm but the source tz file and followed the directions on the page. The shuttle mb lan connections uses the mb nvidia chip to run it not the realtek driver that the connection is made by. Both sound and ehternet work now. After make and make install I ran modprobe nvnet and the module loaded. I added the line "alias eth0 nvnet" to the bottom of the /etc/module.conf . Log in as root an use vi /etc/module.cong
or vi /modprobe.conf then run depmod -ae both as root.

Hope this helps,


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