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Clay 02-22-04 03:25 AM

Spit Mt. Dew On Monitor Smiley
I just had to put this one together. vampireuk, GlowStick and Nephilim inspired me. :D


saturnotaku 02-22-04 09:49 AM

Now I think we're both on the same page. Unfortunately yours has a big F on it. :D

Clay 02-22-04 01:16 PM

Sorry Sat, I have no idea what you're talking about. :D Mebee cause I only slept three hours last night. So, um, what are you talking about? :confused: :)

saturnotaku 02-22-04 02:43 PM

Dude, it's right there in your sig. :p

|JuiceZ| 02-22-04 03:30 PM

I love strongbad! (spit)

V. Slayer 02-23-04 11:19 PM

Strongbad is the ruler of the known universe. Or, at least, the ruler of Strongbadia. I never can get that straight. Anyway, Strongbad rules!

Clay 02-24-04 12:06 AM

What the heck are you doing here? :p /me rubs eyes...

Yep it's you! :p

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