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ragejg 10-03-02 10:32 PM

Can a 7VTXE+(gigabyte) survive as a gamer board?
Has reliability or stability ever been a problem for this board?

It's my understanding that the nforce chipset is this board(kt266a)'s main competitor and performance equivalent. Is this a truth?

Has this board been a bad overclocker? I notice it lacks some of the 7VTXH's on board features... ahem.

Is a kt266a ddr333 friendly?

I paid $86 for this board in late Feb. (upgrade from 7ZMMH/km133a) and would like to know if it's worth upgrading the power supply/cooling system to OC this board, or if this setup is non-stock-unfriendly.


saturnotaku 10-03-02 10:42 PM

As someone who owned an nForce, ALi Magik 1 and KT266A I can tell you all these boards perform about the same. For me, the KT266A has performed the best and is what I'm using today in the form of an Abit KR7A-RAID. The nForce is extremely picky about memory and the memory I chose to run with my nForce wouldn't work (OCZ PC2400 CL2) with my MSI K7N420 Pro but it works great in my KT266A.

I like the concept of the nForce a lot more, though. I mean, it's NVIDIA for crying out loud - I wanted to support them in whatever way I could. But my MSI nForce was a pretty big disappointment.


Is a kt266a ddr333 friendly?
You tell me. Names of VIA chipsets typically follow the types of memory and bus speeds that are supported at the given time. DDR333 should be compatible with a KT266A board, but it won't run at nearly the stock spec. If you plan on keeping your board (which you still can as the KT266A is still a viable chipset for gaming and so forth) pick up some less expensive Crucial PC2100 DDR. That would be a better band-aid fix until you save up enough cash to grab yourself an nForce2 or whatever other chipsets come along that support AMD's 166 MHz processors. Or, hold out even longer for the Hammer. A KT266A chipset will do just fine for at least another 8-12 months.

ragejg 10-03-02 11:03 PM

Thanks for the advice...

So I may be able to get more out of OC'ed 2100 than slowed down slightly DDR333?

And has this chipset proved to be able to handle OC'ed RAM? Anyone?

And what about this mobo (or mobo family)'s reputation? I don't want to keep it around if this was a troublesome motherboard. I haven't heard much bad about kt266a's but am still leary.


saturnotaku 10-04-02 10:23 AM

I haven't necessarily heard bad things about Gigabyte if that helps. As I've not owned a Gigabyte motherboard I can't give a really fair evaluation. I did, however, own a Gigabyte Radeon 8500. It was good quality hardware, just the drivers didn't work like my GeForce3 did. :)

As long as the board is functional and stable for you with the hardware you have in it, that's all that matters.

PsychoSy 10-04-02 05:57 PM

If my memory is correct, Gibby, Serath, and I have owned Gigabyte boards in the past. Of my experiances, they're decent, reliable, and stable for the most part.

My only problem with Gigabyte boards is they seem to revise their designs much more often and which each board revision, there's usually a few new features. For example, a few weeks after I bought a GA-5AX, the 3rd revision came out which sported better AGP compatiblity and ATA66. My GA-5AX was Rev. 2.1 which only gave me ATA33. :(

I no longer use Gigabyte boards but I keep my eye on them as I haven't been totally disappointed with them. It's just I've learned that it isn't good sense to buy a 1.x or 2.x revision of their boards. It's best to give them 6-8 months to see if they revise the board more than 3 times before you purchase that way you'll get more features and possibly more reliability. If a Gigabyte board isn't up to it's 3rd revision after that 6-8 month period, then it's an indication that they've hit a homerun with it right out of the gate. :)

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