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Eluzion 02-23-04 06:51 PM

Kernal Source not installing? (2.4.20-8) RH9
Hey guys,

I'm trying to install the latest Nvidia drivers for RedHat 9 and from what I understand, you need to have the kernel source installed. Well, I did a search and found the kernel source for my kernel vesion (it was a .rpm file) and installed it. When I type rpm -q kernel-source in the terminal window, it says package kernel-source is not installed. I tried installing the kernel source again and it says it's already installed. *shrug* I'm really not sure what to do at this point.

Also, after I installed RH9 last night, I clicked the little updater in the tray and updated the kernel to the latest version. Now when I boot the computer, there is two linux options, one for the old kernel and one for the new one. Also, all my old kernel stuff is still there (like the source files). Is there a way to uninstall the old stuff and just use the new kernel?


david137 03-03-04 09:45 AM

Thanks to other posts, go to:

ftp://updates.redhat.com/9/en/os/i386 and you will find the "real" source, not the kernel.2.xyx.src.rpm that is found in the redhat ftp download pages, but why would they put it there, it would be too easy to find and they want everyone to go to Fedora!!!

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