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mikechai 02-24-04 08:20 PM

10000 points 3DMark03
3DMark03 reach a milestone 10000 points!


-=DVS=- 02-25-04 02:54 AM

3dmark 2003 is purely video card benchmark my old rusty Radeon 9700 Pro (core 310) does exacly 4500 marks , so his XT ( @657 MHz) did double :cool:

R420 will do same at stock if not better same for NV40 :D
Those people are nuts , how long will such overcloaked system last a day :rolleyes:

SH64 02-26-04 09:17 AM

aaah thats nothing .
i'll get a score like that when my NV40 arrivers & w/o overclocking too :D

DVS : yeah i need to put my whole machine into the freezer to get my PC overclocked to insane values like that .

DOA 03-17-04 12:01 PM

All I have is two comments
1) Your 10K bench is impressive, but does not count in real life unless you can finish the test. No CPU score? Very fast indeed, very short lived if you cannot finish even this one test. At least you are real enough to post a link which is WAY better than "Gee I got 10K". :)
2) If and when nVidia comes out with a new card and if it is DX9 compliant you should brag away, until then

GamblerFEXonlin 03-24-04 11:06 AM

Re: 10000 points 3DMark03
rant mode
Bah its just fillrate cheese, there sno geometry performance there at all, lets see how much FPS he gets gamblers assault/convoy challenge

yo guys in niot sayin teh PC is bad yo, and ut 2004 its strangely satisfying to mow down n00bs from the turret ledge with my minigun. just maybe we need 16 vertex shaders too, to get teh good geometry stuff like polygonized blood and holes in bodies all at 120fps! my xbox is gathering dust btw.

ragejg 03-24-04 08:28 PM

Re: 10000 points 3DMark03
bah, this is at least slightly worthy to mention...

I know it was of course a much bigger and much more consumer appreciated thing when 10k was broke in 3dmark01 by the GF3 era...

This time, it's pretty much a footnote, yep a footnote... benchmark program makers, take note please. :p

but heck, I don't really hear reviewers (myself included) clamoring for a better benchmark program... it's a beast which showed it's ugly face only after trust and praise were doled out, expectations had risen, and a programmer's niche was born...

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