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sonne 10-04-02 06:33 AM

CRT and TV at the same time.
Whether using twinview/xinerama or not is it somehow possible to have some high resolution displayed on crt (like 1600x1200) and at the same time have the other head activated at say 800x600 on tv ?

Is the output on TV then limited to a part of the image displayed on crt or is it somehow possible to display something completely different on tv ?

I am asking since I would like to get normal X to run on crt and use freevo (http://freevo.sf.net) at the same time on the second head.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Thunderbird 10-04-02 03:54 PM

When using 1600x1200 on your monitor you will get a small (800x600) image on your TV. It is a virtual desktop.

There's likely one way to workaround this problem a bit and that's to launch Xnest on the second screen. Using that you launch an Xserver inside an Xserver.

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