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chimaera 02-25-04 04:23 AM

performance issues / fx5200

i have performance issues with my box. glxgars is giving me about 1/2 the fps (~750) others get with compareable hardware. also, counterstrike (steam/winex3.3) is pretty slow and this should run pretty flawlessly on my box.
i'm well aware of the fact that the 5200 is a low-end card, but like i told, others with the same card have doubled fps..

a short checklist:
- apic anabled
- mttr enabled
- agpgart anabled and loaded
- nvidia module loaded
- direct rendering active
- xf86config-4 in fine condition
- tried to enable/disable ht/smp

my system:
p4@2.4 / 800fsb / 512 mb / gf fx 5200 (passive) / debian/sid / linux 2.6.2 / latest nvidia driver / x @1280x1024/24bit
(i tried other drivers and kernels (2.4.x/2.6.x) as well, even knoppix shows the same results..)

any ideas? i would be thankful for any hint or a pointer in the right direction. if additional information is required, let me know.

dpw2atox 02-25-04 09:07 AM

you could make sure you have fastwrites enabled as well as sideband addressing. not sure how much it will help but it may improve something. also make sure your card is set to AGP8x if your board supports it. finally try dropping it to 16bit color instead of 24bit. I have an FX5600 and its performs just under double at 16bit vs what I get at 24bit. i wish I could be of more help. if you are careful there is an overclock utility for linux called nvclock which you can use to overclock your 5200 a little bit. again be careful with the settings so you don't fry it.

chimaera 02-25-04 09:22 AM

thanks for the reply but i doubt it's on of the obove things:

- sideband addressing is not giving such a performance boost as well as 8x agp is not. this should be only noticable with huge(!) amounts of data like big textures even cutting edge games rarely use
- other compareable machines are running x with the same color-depth

it's not like i think, "mhh this card could like a little tweaking", for me it looks like a serious misconfiguration of my hw/sw.
even my 'old' ti4200 performs as it should. probably i just have a broken card..

on the other hand, i deleted wintendo some weeks ago, but iirc the card performed as it should unter ms's system. i just don't want to reinstall this os to verify ;)

energyman76b 02-25-04 10:21 AM


--->- direct rendering active

remove that, that is completly wrong.

chimaera 02-25-04 10:52 AM

?? dou you have information on this? every info i saw was telling that it has to look like this:

$ glxinfo
name of display: :0.0
display: :0  screen: 0
direct rendering: Yes
server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
server glx version string: 1.3

energyman76b 02-25-04 02:17 PM


I thought you meant the kernel DRI/XF86Config dri-option, not the output of this tool...

Neutro 03-01-04 12:32 AM

I just got a FX5200 and I'm also quite disappointed with the performance...
I only get about 25% more fps in glxgears (and Q3), with the exact same conditions and config, than my old GF2 MX400. Is that normal? I am unable to hit 125 fps, and rarely go above 80 fps in Quake3 in 1024x768, unless I tweak the engine to lower geometrical details.

LoRd_CJ 03-01-04 04:19 AM

I reported this aswell a few days ago on this forum.
I too get bad performance with my FX5200 with the nvidia drivers in Linux. Performance is fine in windows.
I bet you notice it on video playback too don't you?
My MX 200 card brings me smoother and better video playback or by switching to the 2D nv driver.

chimaera 03-01-04 05:38 AM

i don't have issues with video playback, all videos run smooth and flawlessly.

Neutro 03-01-04 08:23 AM

Ooops. I got an Asus V9520 ("Magic")... according to this thread, the videocard has a 64-bit bus instead of a 128-bit one, leading to a pathetic throughput. It offers performances slightly above a GF2 MX because of this. I'm returning this ASAP.

slushee 03-05-04 01:47 AM

New to the boards ..

I AS WELL dislike the preformance i'm getting with my 5200 F/X card in Windows XP. I am running 2 monitors out of it as well as a third with a PCI Herculese 32 Meg card.

I was wondering if we could get someone who likes thier speeds to post their settings as most of it means very little to me.

I wouldn't mind comparing my specs with a card that actually works well.

chimaera 03-05-04 01:51 AM

you might want to check [1]. it's a german board, but the table should be self-explaining as are the benchmarks.

[1] http://www.debianforum.de/wiki/?page=Grafik+Benchmark

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