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PCarr78 10-04-02 04:14 PM

Regarding the moderator's message in the OF.

Really, could you folks get any less lame or transparent? "Certain people who will not be named..."

Especially since these "certain people" have been reprimanded publicly (as in, NOT through PMs)

ExitWound 10-04-02 06:10 PM

if the shoe fits....like put it on or something. otherwise, return it to Payless.

Kruno 10-05-02 03:53 AM

Am I guilty?

I use words like crap, crud and fr0kin. My question still has yet to be answered if those 3 words are fine?

vampireuk 10-05-02 05:08 AM


Originally posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-

In which case, would you like some cheese with your WHINE????

dude, you spelt wine wrong;) :D

*runs like hell*

AshG 10-05-02 08:02 AM

What the flange is going on?

Just a couple months ago, tensions weren't like this. Everybody got along, problems got solved quickly and easily, and there was just one token mod to piss everyone off (me). Now everyone is at each other's throats, accusations and fingers fly left and right, and it's as if the whole nature of the board is headed down a very dark and dreary path towards stupidity.

You know, I expect a lot of this from newbies. But to see "seasoned veterans" from the UBB5 days acting like spoiled children doesn't sit well with my stomach. What happenned to the camraderie, the direction, the vitality?

vampireuk 10-05-02 08:24 AM

I'm just carrying on been me, I dont think anyone has any objections to that *checks PM's* nope no one:D

Yeah theres a bit of tension in the forums, it will die down in a bit, there is some spam in the forums but not tonnes of it. There are still lots of discussions going on and sensible ones at that. Its the accusations that are getting everyones backs up really.

Everyone breathe, calm calm:cool:

PCarr78 10-05-02 04:43 PM


Originally posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-
Hrm interesting.......

Oddly enough, the only people that would be choked at that post are one ones that are guilty. :rolleyes:

In which case, would you like some cheese with your WHINE????

I was simply pointing out a lack of tact.

You have demonstrated a guilty reaction as to that.

And is it hypocritical of me to whine in public? No. I give back as good as i get.

PCarr78 10-05-02 04:45 PM


Originally posted by AshG
You know, I expect a lot of this from newbies. But to see "seasoned veterans" from the UBB5 days acting like spoiled children doesn't sit well with my stomach.

Am I a spoiled child because I'd rather have ppl bitch at me in private, rather than in public?

The seasoned veterans almost never complain. When they do, there is a reason.

PCarr78 10-05-02 04:50 PM


Originally posted by AshG
What happenned to the camraderie, the direction, the vitality?
This left when said veterans started being treated like... fecal matter.

The atmosphere of equal respect between mods and members has been totally dissolved.

I mean there was even a Mod-only forum once, what better way to cultivate a respectful relationship :rolleyes:

PCarr78 10-05-02 04:54 PM


Originally posted by -=Gib-McFragger=-

I am 100% fed up with the toilet that these forums seem to have turned into lately. The bickering and BSing is at an alltime high.

Case in point, before the forums were hacked I had just under 2000 posts. Now it has been HOW long and I have barely broken 100.

To those here that are still cool, I say rock on.

To those who piss me off lately, I say .|..

Maybe because you don't care enough to post more often than twice a week?

I have always been a calm person. I almost NEVER get mad. When something is not to my liking, i throw a complaint or comment, and that's usually it. But i saw that as a direct personal attack. If you've got a problem with me come out and say it to my face. We'll work it out. DON'T just spell it out and try to start a sort of mob mentality.

Who pisses you off lately? Really, care to tell us? It would avert miscommunication. Since everything has been laid bare on the examination table, why not add that one little thing.

Maybe then most peoples' delusions of friendship will be dissolved. :(

ExitWound 10-05-02 05:40 PM

I visit the forums multiple times daily as nvnews.net is my homepage. I only have 184 posts. The number of posting should have no light in this conversation at all. It's not how frequent you post, but how valued your posts are. I also tend to believe the more posts a person has, the higher the amount of spam and BS will come out of their ...uh.....fingers.

If the shoe fits... the adage goes. If you feel you were personally attacked, then fine. Take it to PM's. There were no names mentioned, and there were no punishments dealt out, publically at least. Rules are rules. Learn to follow them, be a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the forums, and expect the mods to do their jobs.

I believe there should be a distinct bold line drawn between the mods and the users. It's not that the mods are 'special' in any way other than having powers to moderate, it's that they have a job to do. And with that comes John Q feeling "opressed" and "denied his freedoms". Well guess what, bubba...That's life. What's that other adage...."If you can't take the heat, like leave or something"?

Rules maintain order. Lack of rules creates anarchy.

PCarr78 10-05-02 06:05 PM

I agree to a certain extent that more posts dont necessaryly equal good posts. But few posts DO equal dead forums. If no one ever posts anything, how can there be discussions.

The personal attack should have come through PMs in the first place. The public display of it should not have happened. It's like an execution, one where there are spectators.

There should be NO line between mods and members.

Moderators are simply members who possess certain 'perks'. Nothing more. Nothing a moderator says or does is any more valid (?) than something a member says or does. They are members selected to move threads that don't belong, edit out posts that could start a flamewar, etc. They are not God.

There was happiness in anarchy, until the anarchists were wiped out. The anarchy that existed in Spain was a utopia. Until it was destroyed. The 'anarchy' that existed in ubb5 was also a utopia. Until it was crushed.

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