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guysoft 02-28-04 06:54 AM

Something very odd- freeze in linux, after installing NV drivers in windows
hi hi,
i am using mandrake 9.1 and have g-force 4 440 MX
i am new to this form, i have went along it and saw freeze problems after going in to X, but i can't relate it to the problem i have.

the nvidia drivers DID work on my system. the problem started after i reinstalled the Nvidea drivers on my windows partition, only then the card made my system freeze each time it went in to X, the mouse still moves, but everything else is jammed, the clock on the login menu stops moving.

i also could run MEPIS which uses the nvidia drivers, (a live CD) but it also freezes now when it enters X, so this isn't a configuration problem!

i am running now on the nv driver.

does anyone know what can cause a cross platform problem like this?

SuLinUX 02-28-04 07:43 AM

Yes the 5336 did that to me but only in kde 3.2, I use the 4620 driver anyway and it's easy to getout of it by switching init modes and restarting kde to init 5.

guysoft 02-28-04 08:49 AM

thanks for answering SuLinUX,

i am using KDE 3.1.0.i upgraded to 5336 on failsafe (hoping it would have solved the problem).. it did the same on 4363 before i upgaded... you think 4620 can save me?

it freezes at login, i didnt even mange to go in to kde, if i loged in fast i manged to see it start loading KDE.

i am not fomiliar with init5, how do you initelize it?

what steps would you reccmmend to take in order to fix this?

LordMorgul 02-29-04 06:05 PM

Edit /etc/inittab to boot you to the terminal before going into X. Reboot. Now you should try to boot X (either use the command startx or use telinit 5, after which you'll crash... (planned) and then reboot. When the system reboots you will be back at your terminal instead of trying to go into X. From here review the log file, /var/log/XFree86.0.log, for any errors that may show the cause of the crash (post the file here if you don't find them). If no errors are shown yet you can do the same process again but using verbose mode in X which will supply a much more confusing log. :)

See this post for steps (hint hint): http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/show...ht=verbose+log

The file should be unchanged from the previous boot / crash, this is why you need to use runlevel 3 in the process.

guysoft 03-06-04 12:35 PM

is there a chance that reseting the BIOS to its defults would fix anything?

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