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Aquila 03-01-04 01:38 PM

Prob: Failed to initialize AGP

I've just installed Gentoo, and first configured X for using the nv driver. Today I wanted to install the nvidia driver, but when I do that, X doesn't show up any longer. I shows a screen with strange signs on it, and some colours (green, blue). Moving the mouse or something doesn't has any effect.

I've checked the log, and it says:
(WW) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize AGP
(II) NVIDIA(0): Setting mode "1280x1024"

Is it a known problem, and has somebody the solution?


Aquila 03-01-04 01:39 PM

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Aquila 03-01-04 01:41 PM

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energyman76b 03-01-04 04:34 PM


kill this line:
Option "omit xfree86-dga"

change this to that:
# Load "freetype"
Load "freetype"

change this:
Driver "nv"
to that:
Driver "nvidia"

and post your hardware, your dmesg and please, start reading the README!
It is not there to waste space, it has REAL and IMPORTANT information.

zander 03-02-04 03:01 AM

@energyman76b: if you take a closer look at his post and the XFree86 log file, you'll see that he was using the NVIDIA driver module.

@Aquila: you will need to solve the lockup problem before you can determine the reason for the AGP initialization failure. For the moment, force AGP off, disable ACPI, vesafb and UP I/O APIC support and check if it helps.

energyman76b 03-02-04 05:44 AM

I HAVE read, what he wrote!

Zander, YOU should read his XF86Config:

Section "Device"
Identifier "NVidia TI4200"
Driver "nv"
#VideoRam 131072
# Insert Clocks lines here if appropriate

He is definetly NOT using the nvidia-driver.

Aquila 03-02-04 10:31 AM

Do you realy think I'm stupid like that? Maybe my english is bad, but I know what I'm talking about...
And I posted that I had a running X (nv-drivers) changed it to nvidia and got the error. And look @ the error, omg, it says (WW) NVIDIA(0) translated maybe? Warning Nvidia driver @ screen 0 failed to initialize agp...

I changed the config the way you say, but I hasn't an effect on the problem...
I'll try the other solution, hope that helps...


//edit: Sorry for the sarc, had a bad day. When I disable AGP it works, no errors (except the refresh rate)

energyman76b 03-02-04 03:40 PM


you are right, my error. Sorry.

What type of chipset do you have?
Do you have AGPGART support in kernel?
Have you tried the NvAGP options?

DaryX 03-02-04 07:09 PM

me too...
I have a similar problem... still unresolved check my thread
For the APM, control in your kernel configuration if it's enabled the APM support.
For the AGP try to downgrade the rate by the BIOS and check if function(my videocard function at 2x max; at 4x X server chrash at startup).
Check also if the AGP drive strength value is in the range 0xEA - 0xEE.
Goodnight (especially 4me).

Aquila 03-03-04 12:49 AM

Maybe the solution is verry simple, my card has the GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X
when I use NVAGP it works, the moment I try AGPGART X crashes... So I'm going to put down agp to 4x and check the install of agpgart...

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