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HunterA3 10-04-02 11:32 PM

UT 2003 single player setup error
I tried as both a standard user and as root to create a player profile for a single player match and when I click on the create profile button on the screen, the game crashes back to desktop and I get the following error in the console:

Xlib: extension "XiG-SUNDRY-NONSTANDARD" missing on display "0:0".

[ 1] /lib/i686/libpthread.so.0 [0x40d64e55]
Signal: SIGSEGV [segmentation fault]


Not sure if this is a graphics card issue or no, but does anybody have any ideas on how to correct this?

volt 10-04-02 11:45 PM

wait...did they full linux version of ut2k3 already ? :confused:

Matthyahuw 10-05-02 12:25 AM


Originally posted by volt
wait...did they full linux version of ut2k3 already ? :confused:
it's on the BonusCD...

do you have the right monitor installed, maybe recompile your drivers again...any other 3D games work?

HunterA3 10-05-02 04:22 AM

As best I can tell, UT GOTY (first version) and Return to Castle Wolfenstein GOTY work fine. It's just when I try to create a single player profile in UT 2K3 that the game crashes. As for the monitor, X had originally set my monitor up as a plugn and play monitor. I manually set it to a Viewsonic A90. Think that may have something to do with it?

Thunderbird 10-05-02 06:47 AM

Hunter tell a bit more about your system. (what distro, versions of packages ..)

The real crash is in libpthread.so perhaps you use an outdated version of it?

That missing extension error is not bad. Only people that use a commercial Xserver from Xig have that extension.

HunterA3 10-05-02 04:17 PM

I'm using the download version of Mandrake 9.0 and the latest drivers from nvidia for my geforce 3 ti 500 video card. I did have a difficult time installing the drivers because the source rpm would not rebuild and the tar file had a boat load of errors until I did a make clean before the make install

HunterA3 10-07-02 12:14 AM

apparently it's not a graphics issue as much as it is a missing package in, most notibly, mandrake 9.0

A bug has been reported to icculus.org. The initial reporter of the bug was able to get everything working again by choosing the same packages, during installation, that another linux machine had installed that had a working copy of UT 2k3 installed and now his works fine also.

SO, it's just a matter of time before the file or files that it's looking for to create a single player profile without crashing are identified.

Thanks for all those of you who have helped me out with this one.

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