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prakash 07-31-02 06:50 PM

TWIN VIEW configuration

i have setup a linux box with the nvidia mx400 card.
i have setup the twin view options. The second display comes up but it is full blue as if the Red and Green gun doesnt work.

can anyone let me know to cure this problem

Thanks in advance


Thunderbird 08-01-02 04:08 AM

Perhaps the refresh rates used for screen2 are incorrect, check those.

Another thing you can do (if you didn't do that yet) is to set the option ConnectedMonitor to for example "CRT, CRT" or "CRT,TV" or "CRT, DFP" depending on the configuration you use.

prakash 08-01-02 12:28 PM

blue CRT is now perfect

the problem was i connected 2 monitors and a TV to the graphics board.

Removing the TV cable did make the two monitors work fine.
And the TV works fine with one monitor and one TV but not when 2 monitors are connected.

Can i have a TV and 2 CRT's connected?


Thunderbird 08-01-02 01:38 PM

You can only use 2 of them at the same time. Perhaps it is a driver bug. (Make sure you specifiy ConnectedMonitor "CRT, CRT")

prakash 08-02-02 08:18 AM

enabling frame buffer

my linux system is up and running with the nvidia driver with twin view feature with a CRT and a monitor.

I wanted to test the same with a framebuffer X server. The XFBdev server, with frame buffer enabled.

When i start the framebuffer X server. I get only one screen when the fbdev driver is loaded.

how to enable the second head.

and how to map it.

I want to make use of the /dev/fb0 and /dev/fb1
i have the /dev/fb0 enabled
but the /dev/fb1 is not enabled. can anyone tell me how to enable the second framebuffer device.

Thanks in advance,


r0gu3 08-02-02 12:24 PM

Actually there is no way to use multiple fb's with nvidia's cards... If you REALLY need that feature, look at matrox for help...
Please post why you need that feature... There may be a good work around for you:)

- r0gu3

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